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Studying music and learning to play the piano develops the mind and enhances the soul.  Little Scholars School of Music & MUSES School of Performing Arts has been dedicated to enhancing the minds of students by inspiring them with the priceless knowledge of music for over 15 years.  Our dedicated teachers excel in cultivating musical talent, regardless of one’s previous musical background or ability.  Lessons range from beginners to advanced, from the early age of three, to adult classes.

We strive in developing musical talent and abilities, as well as creating a musical experience that will forever remain unforgettable.  Our faculty is extensively trained, and hold graduate degrees from acclaimed Universities. Our faculty is experienced in teaching students of all ages from diverse musical backgrounds, in addition to students with special needs. We offer flexible classes at two locations, for a pace that works best for you.

MUSES School of Performing Arts is specifically geared for the intermediate & advanced musician.  Students who have begun studying music at Little Scholars School of Music and have shown much dedication, passion and advanced musical skill and ability, are inducted into MUSES.  MUSES School of Performing Arts is designed to enhance and heighten the study of music by further strengthening and embellishing musical abilities.

Let your musical journey begin, for you may never know where it may take you…

  • Mind maintenance, or a brain fitness routine which includes cognitive activity like playing the piano, helps stave off Alzheimer’s

    Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
  • Piano Training In Early Childhood Has Lasting Rewards

    New York Times
  • Piano lessons found to benefit preschoolers

    Los Angeles Times
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