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Our Philosophy

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021Since 1994, parents and children can attest to a wonderful experience at Little Scholars. Our philosophy is based on providing an enriched academic curriculum coupled with the natural learning through free play. We are firm believers that the most important time in a child’s life is from birth through 5 years of age. We are firm believers that a solid foundation is the key formula to a successful beginning of a child’s future. We provide a high quality program that fosters your child’s journey for future academic, social, emotional and physical growth and success. We have created an enriched academic curriculum in our child-centered classrooms coupling the subjects of math magic, language arts, science, foreign language (Spanish and mandarin), music and art, as well as opportunities for the important natural instinct of free play. We follow the “high Scope Common Core” aligned preschool approach to early childhood education. It encourages the development of critical problem solving skills, independence and self-confidence to question and explore their surroundings as they develop a love for learning!

We welcome you to join our families of Little Scholars! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our philosophy with you. Little Scholars is a progressive Nursery School with an excellent academic curriculum. Our objective is to provide a secure, caring school environment where parents feel secure and children can thrive. We are proud that parents choose us to entrust their pride and joy …… as we are …….

“Second to MOM!”

The Curriculum

The curriculum at Little Scholars is specifically designed for the child at every age level. Our program is well versed in the development of language arts, math, science, music, computer science, and foreign language.

Our age appropriate interactive centers foster a love for learning, while engaging children in a variety of hands-on learning experiences and social interaction. Music and Art further enrich the creative and artistic talents of children. An introduction to Spanish and Mandarin, adds to the variety of our curriculum. These are a few of the activities that enhance the children’s experience at Little Scholars.

We Are Busy Laughing and Learning at Little Scholars

Our program allows children to develop skills in decision-making and problem solving, all while in a secure and nurturing environment. We instill positive values in the lives of children, by encouraging conflict resolution and camaraderie among peers. This develops a bond that will forever be an essential tool for life.

A Preview of Our Programs Include:

  • Part-Time, Full-Time, Early AM Drop-off, Late-Day-Pick-Up & Extended-Care
  • Fabulous Fall Program
  • Summer Time Fun
  • Mommy & The Tiny Little Scholar
  • Toddler Two’s
  • Nursery Three’s
  • Pre-K Four’s
  • The Emerging Artist
  • Musical Adventures
  • The Homework Club
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