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Little Scholars enrolls children from ages 9 months through 5 years.  Our enrollment is ongoing depending on availability.  School schedule choices are available from 2 days through 5 days.  We provide ourselves with small classes and a dedicated staff.

School Hours:

Our day starts as early as 7am through 6pm with a choice of Part Time am/pm sessions, Full Time 9-3:30, Early am and late day pick up and Extended Care 7-6pm.



Music with Grown Up & Me.  This is an opportunity for Mommy/Daddy to participate in a group activity with their child on Saturday.  Parents often feel left out due to their demanding work schedule. This is a 45 minute group session where music will be explored together with you and your child.

Tiny Toddlers: Ages 9 – 18 months.  In our Tiny Toddler class we begin with the mobile infant and develop into the independent Toddler.  They are actively learning as their mobility increases.  Teachers encourage the use of language through learning to name objects, play rhyming, word games, sing songs and explore picture books as they discover the world around them.  As the toddlers are exploring their surroundings, they build trusting relationships with their teachers who are nearby supporting them throughout the day.  They learn to manipulate objects, explore with all their senses in our sensory-rich classroom as they discover toys, develop independence, play and participate in interactive music time fun.  We follow the High Scope” Infant Curriculum which incorporates the process of learning through discovery.

Toddlers: Ages 18-36 months.  Language continues to grow as the teacher engages toddles in rich conversation.  The Toddler now verbalizes needs, multiple word phrases, and expresses emotions while personalities begin to bloom.  They actively participate in conversations with teachers and peers as they learn to follow one step directions.  The Teacher further engages finger play songs, musical instruments, story time and circle time.  The assortment of activities help develop fine motor shills as they sort, stack blocks, explore the world of art, complete puzzles and develop imaginary play through dress up and puppetry.  They are very curious about the world around them and we continuously foster and develop their inquisitiveness.

Nursery 3’s: At this grade level, our Little Scholars are ready for school.  They are very curious and our program is filled with exploration, discovery and investigative opportunities to expand on their developing knowledge about the world around them.

Mathematical concepts emerge as they sort by size, color and shape.  Beginning writing starts with connecting dotted lines and formulating letter recognition.  Our Teachers actively engage children in learning experiences that help build math and reasoning skills so children can solve problems. Science exploration is introduced at this stage of early childhood.  The study of insets and the life cycle of a plant will interest them.  Reading various books satisfies and expands their curiosity, and lends for some imaginary travel. The study of art and music is introduced and is a very important part of their day.

Pre-K 4-5: Our Pre-K curriculum prepares our Little Scholars for future academic success.  Our interdisciplinary program incorporates math, science, language arts, are and music.  They thrive and develop in the area of creative thinking, cognitive development, emotional, social and physical growth.  Their day consists of many opportunities for problem solving, language literacy, and development of advanced communication skills.  They have developed confidence and mastered in sound, letter and number recognition.  Reading readiness emerges in Pre-K and students are enthusiastic mathematicians, engaging in math regularly as they build block towers, make patterns, complete challenging puzzles, or measure their growth.

Summer Time Fun:  Our school program turns into summer time fun for the energetic and inquisitive child.  A variety of Special Weekly themed activities including The organic Gardener, Discover Broadway, imaginary travel of the world, origami creations and music lessons. Outdoor fun water activities, picnic fun, basketball games, cover and tennis lessons taught by professional coach that foster learning good sportsmanship, team work and respect for fellow teammates.  Last week is “Back to School Readiness”.

Enrichment Vacation Care: When school is closed on school closings and holidays, we offer extra care for your convenience.  We have a planned enriched curriculum to keep your child engaged and entertained.

Our objective is to provide a solid foundation for your child’s journey by incorporating academics and character development, while simultaneously building social skills.  Little Scholars offers a small teacher-child ratio, which allows for an individualized focus on early childhood development.  Our approach gives the necessary tools to encourage children to explore their individual skills.  Our facilities and teaching methods provide stimulating activities that compliment and enhance children’s emerging talents and natural curiosities.  Our teachers are skillfully selected to ensure professionalism and sensitivity, supported by early childhood credentials.  Little Scholars is licensed by the State of New York.


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Now accepting enrollment for infants (9 – 18 mos.) and up.

Foreign language classes include Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin.

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